Establishing and running a quality management system which is in accordance with standards of General Requirements for TS EN ISO/IEC 17025 Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories.

Aiming at the provision of laboratory services regularly, improvement of the system continuously and the increment of customer satisfaction, quality system involves the topics in scope of the standards included in the General Requirements for TS EN ISO/IEC 17025 Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories.


General Manager:

He/She is the top manager of the laboratory. He/She takes the necessary precautions to protect clients’ information. Issues extraordinary situations to the relevant authority. Ensures that the records are taken regularly and archived. Ensures that the recording and reporting are carried out in accordance with secrecy principle. Chairs the meeting of YGG (Reviewing the Administration). Ensures the improvement of the quality system and laboratory working standards continuously. Makes the decisions on determining, approval and cancelation of targets. Determines the quality policy and approves it. Conveys the importance of both the customer satisfaction and the meeting the requirements of legal regulation to the personnel. When there are some changes planned and applied in the administrative system, he/she ensures that the integrity of the administrative system is retained.  

Laboratory Quality Manager:
According to the standards of “General Requirements for TS EN ISO/IEC 17025 Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories” he/she is responsible for the organization and tracking of duties pertaining to quality. In charge of publishing the quality policy, quality and targets. Prepares the manual, procedure and instructions or have them prepared and checks their appropriateness to the system. Brings clients’s complaints into a conclusion and conveys the results to the client. Follows the records of Checking-up Inappropriate Testing Study, Regulators and Preventive Activities. Makes internal audit organization. Implements the provisions indicated with External and Internal Audit protocols and/or has them done. Secures External and Internal Audit protocols. Makes the arrangements for the meeting of YGG (Reviewing the Administration). Applies the improvement activities systematically. .

Laboratory Manager:

He/She is in charge of sampling, carrying out analyses and compiling reports. Elucidating clients’s demands, gives necessary technical information and hands in the report of analysis to the Laboratory Quality Manager. Takes the necessary precautions that might affect the validity and the sustainability of the analyses. Specifies inventory stock and consumables the laboratory needs and follows the stock. Makes sure that the laboratory works productively and in harmony. Fulfills accreditation necessities. And In charge of carrying out duties to increase the productivity of analysis.

Technical Affairs Supervisor:
In order to maintain the quality of testing such as air-conditioning, generator, etc., he/she intervenes in breakdowns related to accommodation and environmental conditions. Knowledgable in issues of electricity and maintenance. Deals with problems related to the system and technical breakdowns. Intervenes in the problems in a short immediately. Accommodates himself/herself with the team work. Adjusts to flexible working hours. Having problem solving skills she/he is solution oriented.

Liability Declaration
HSE Laboratory personnel promises their liability as the following declaration.

I accept and promise not to release any information related to the services in testing laboratory I have offered and about the clients to the third party without their written permission; to use this information only in the certification services I am in charge of; to abide by the privacy policy; not to act contrary to my responsibilities and authority; to inform my superior in case of a situation in which I am under such a pressure that might affect my independence and objectiveness; not to commit a facility that might harm the trust in my efficiency, objectivity, decision making or my honesty while working.



With the aims of announcing, publicity and making Quality Management Policy known; passing on the importance of meeting the clients’ demands and legal necessities; and minimizing the damage during emergencies, our company administration, especially considering for emergencies, founded external communication channels.
About the topics related to the formation of politics and strategies, customer satisfaction and complaints; about the decisions administration will make, and especially about the actions to be taken to meet the targets and related to the facilities to be carried out in case of contradictions; about the topic of announcing the policy and authority of administration; about the topic of specifying, acknowledging, preventing and eliminating the risks against occupational health and safety the necessary communication channels were built and are in use between administration and personnel.

They are used to communicate internal correspondences, internet and bulletin boards also internal communication.

In HSE Laboratory, there is an efficient communication founded to convey the information about aforesaid risks to personnel and if necessary, other organizations that are apart from the institution and in case of necessity to carry out backward communication. In order to communicate in states of emergency, plans related to communication include necessary regulations. Communication in state of emergency is written in “EMERGENCY TELEPHONE GUIDE”.

Employees convey their expectations, any kinds of general opinion they hold and their knowledge and thoughts and suggestions about ÝSG risk they have specified to YT.  Employees take part in

• investigation and evaluation of the incident
• revision of administrative policy
• realization of the change made in administration system
• the processes of making decisions about administrative system
• setting targets and their opinions are taken into account on these matters.


It holds the authority and resources to carry out duties including application, maintenance and improvement of administrative systems, and to specify refractions in administration system or analyzing procedures, and to prevent these kinds of refractions or to initiate necessary action with the aim of minimizing them.

In order to carry out duties aiming at the application, maintenance and improvement of the quality management system, keep them away from any influence caused by commercial, economic and other internal and external pressure that might affect the quality of the job reversely; secure clients’ personal information and propriety rights; prevent any action that might harm the trust, inefficiency, objectivity, decision-making and honesty about work Laboratory personnel being in the first place, all personnel holds regulations. The General Manager’s declaration strengthens this structure even more.


“Securing clients’ confidential information is a policy which begins with the concealment of sample label information; is increased with the objectivity and confidentiality declaration taken from laboratory personnel and includes the privacy precautions taken during electronic protection.”


With the objectivity and confidentiality declaration taken from the laboratory personnel, the likelihood of any facility that might harm the trust in efficiency, objectivity, decision-making or honesty about the job is prevented