• Laboratory Testing

    Asbestos Disassembly and Audit with Hazardous Substance Audit
    Air Measurement Services

  • Water and

    HSE Engineering offers complete solutions both to private sector and public institutions. . .

  • Waste Management

    Water Treatment Station, Waste Water Treatment Station, Waste Incineration Station, Waste Disposal and Management

  • Asbestos Measurement

    The studies of asbestos survey and inventory preparation are run by professional personnel according to the regulations set up by European Union and local authorities.

  • Planning and

    The audit of disassembly and cleaning of asbestos is run in accordance with VDI 3866, TRGS 519 and “Regulations related to health and safety precautions in studies with asbestos”. The necessary activities carried out accordingly are shortly as following:


Waste Management

The activities HSE Engineering runs in the waste management system are as following.

Water Treatment Station
Waste Water Treatment Station
Waste Incineration Station
Waste Disposal and Management

Water Treatment Station
HSE Engineering installs and manages water purification stations to make water taken out raw or polluted because of some procedures clean and usable again.

Waste Water Treatment Station
HSE Engineering installs and manages developed systems to prevent waste water -a natural result of industrialization and advancement -affect environment and human health adversely and enable it to be regained by nature.

In this respect, it instals and manages waste water treatment stations both for public institutions and industrial establishments in private sector.

Waste Disposal and Management, Waste Incineration Station
Unless industrial waste and waste caused by daily usage are recycled by adequate technological systems, they leave serious and permanent affects onto environment and nature.

Using approved systems that are widely used across the developed countries in the world, HSE Engineering not only enables waste to be disposed without harming the nature but also enables the byproducts that come into being during the decomposition process to be regained into economy.