With the big figures it has in employment and its competitive capacity in the global market, the base of Teamwork’s success story was laid in Germany in 1999 and that was extended with the foundation of Teamwork Turkey in 2010 plus HSE Engineering in 2013.

Since the year it was established, it has been running services for numerous institutions who are succeeded in making their mark among Turkey’s biggest companies, with facilities ranging a wide area including Petrol and Petrochemistry, Infrastructure and Seaport construction.

Since 2013, Teamwork Turkey operates in four main fields of activities

Petrol and Petrochemistry
Power Sector
Water and Environment
Infrastructure and Seaport

Having achieved success in lots of fields it renders services, our company has maintained its steady pace since the day it was founded. It renders services to its clients with long-serving sense of management, technical infrastructure, corporate company policies and the vision that follows technological innovations closely.


Making use of the advantages of being a Germany based company, HSE Engineering cooperates strategically with companies in Germany. Thanks to this cooperation, it provides services in contracting and has a unique job completion capacity in Turkey. Thus, HSE Engineering has the competency of integral service to fulfill all the needs in Turkey.

Corporate Governance Principles.

With the service concept it holds, technological platform and continuously improving job completion regulations it has, HSE Engineering, to a large extend, provides added value to the companies it serves for.

HSE Engineering is a reputable, stable, strong, honest and reliable institution. Taking honesty as the most important value both inter-corporately and inter-company, it cooperates with clients, employees, suppliers, business partners and all the institutions in an honest and ethical way. Completing the job as promised in due time and in the most correct way is accepted as one of the most important responsibilities of the company.

HSE Engineering holds a management mentality which knows the value of quality and branding so it works to be the best one in every field of activities it serves. It aims to be one of the leaders of the sector without sacrificing quality in its services.

The originality HSE Engineering holds comes from their innovative thinking and the belief in noticing problems, thinking differently, developing solutions and a working style based on inventing new information.

HSE Engineering aims to follow the changes in the sector and adapt itself accordingly, be open to different perspectives and get rid of the habits which needs to be changed, and exist in the future by developing the current systems. In the direction of these aims, it works with people who work with conscious choices, question their environment, come up with solutions, show great performance and can take initiative according to their targets.

HSE Engineering regards its employees as one its most important values. Believing in learning, improvement and sustainability of change, it holds and applies a perspective of leadership which is open, stable and accessible. It gives importance in group based projects and in the activities follows a perspective that is based on data and process.

HSE Engineering believes that the key to success is to work efficiently, in discipline and in a planned way. It believes in the power of team spirit, synergy and communication so tries to create a peaceful working environment.

HSE Engineering believes the quality of service and products begin with the quality of their employees. Employing the best personnel and well-versed human power, making the best of its employees’ skills, strengths and creativity, increasing their productivity, providing opportunities to improve themselves and creating a working space with cooperation and solidarity are what Teamwork chooses to provide sustainability.

HSE Engineering accepts its responsibility for employees’ loyalty, accomplishing the needs of the job perfectly, maintaining and improving the system of the organization and increasing the productivity of the employees. Also, it works aiming at maximum success by making use of the resources in an attentive and effective way. Employees are evaluated not only with the perfectness o the job they have completed but also with the utility it presents. It provides on-the-job training and development.

HSE Engineering summarizes it distinctiveness in service sector as “trading via universal elements”. It identifies the requirements and expectations of the sector in a customer-oriented manner and specifies its products and services pursuant to added value.